Something purely Czech: Cubism in architecture


03.12.2015 13:49 – 31.12.2019 14:09

Join us for a unique exhibition dedicated to Czech cubism. Where else but at one of the most famous cubist buildings in the Czech Republic.

Something purely Czech: Cubism in architecture

In the center of Prague, a short distance from Old Town Square or Municipal House, stands a building very different from the others. Located on its front side is a black statue of the Virgin Mary. And that’s why this imposing building is called the House of the Black Madonna. What’s so special about it? It is one of the finest examples of a purely Czech invention: cubism in architecture. Its furnishings are also cubist. A unique and long-awaited exhibition dedicated to Czech creativity in this style will open here on 20 November. Furniture, ceramics, posters, graphic designs or selected works of cubist painting by Emil Filla and Josef Čapek and many others will blend in perfectly with the environment. The cubist parts of the House of the Black Madonna will also be a part of the exhibition. The house has a unique café, which, like the rest of the building, was designed by renowned architect Josef Gočár. It remains the only cubist café in the world.

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